Camping as an option for your holidays

09 Oct Camping as an option for your holidays

Camping is a terrific way to enjoy the great outdoors. It can also be an economical way to take a vacation.

There are two main kinds of campgrounds: public and private. Campgrounds have facilities established for campers, including sanitation, showers, perhaps even shops and dining. You may be assigned a site, or allowed to choose your own. Public campsites include national parks, national forests, and public areas managed by the Army Corps of Engineers or the Bureau of Land Management. There are many state parks that allow camping, too.

What campground you choose can depend upon the type of camping you plan. Some campgrounds cater only to tents, others only to RVs, and many cater to both. Still others offer rustic cabins for campers to rent. RV (recreational vehicle) camping can include everything from a pop-up camper that you tow behind the car to the most elaborate of mobile homes on wheels.

The other type is tent camping, also called car camping since everything you need can be carried inside your car. Basic needs for tent camping are a tent and a sleeping bag. A tent not only protects you from the weather, but also keeps out insects and airborne debris. A tent also provides privacy from people passing by.

All sorts of sleeping bags are available for campers. Many can handle great extremes of low temperature, but most people use “summer” sleeping bags since summer is by far the most popular camping season. You will also want to use a groundcloth for protection of your sleeping bag against moisture and dampness. Some people prefer to use inflatable mattresses or padding to make sleeping on the ground feel more comfortable.