Playing golf in Spain

03 Feb Playing golf in Spain

Playas y destinos - TravelgenioWhy not find a vacation spot where you can enjoy your golf, but the wife and kiddies can lay or play on the beach? The Costa Blanca in Spain is the perfect spot for you. There are many wonderful golf properties in the Costa Blanca that are minutes away from the beautiful beaches of this area. Golf early, and you can join your family and spend the rest of the day at the beach yourself.

Golf properties on the Costa Blanca include four star facilities with stunning luxury accommodations, beautiful landscaping and top pros to help you with your golf swing.

Among some of the top golf properties in this area of the Alicante include Alicante Golf, Alenda Golf, Campoamor Golf, Don Cayo Golf, El Plantio Golf and Villa Martin Golf. These are all top rated courses, and if you are staying at one of the nearby affiliated resorts, such as the Campoamor Golf Hotel, you may receive reduced greens fees.

If you end up going frequently to the Alicante region for golf vacations, you may want to consider purchasing a golf property. then you can visit anytime to play. You can purchase a penthouse or an apartment and be steps away from great golfing. When you are not using the property, you can rent it out and make your vacation home an investment. There is really no “off” season for golf in the Costa Blanca, since the year round temperatures are so mild. Time shares are also available in this region if you want to just pick a certain week or two for your golf vacation.

In 2005, top Spanish developers created the Puerto Banus and the San Pedro Alcantara golf courses, near Atalaya. These have been developed as a new concept called golf shares. Ownership in developments along or near the golf course can entitle the owners to a share in the ownership of the golf course. Of course, if you are planning a golf vacation, you want to have as many hours of golf as possible. But if and when you do feel like a change from golf, the Costa Blanca offers plenty of things to do to relax.