Stunning Czech Republic and Prague

22 Jan Stunning Czech Republic and Prague

praga-travelgenioAs a travel destination, the Czech Republic has much to offer. It’s home to beautiful natural scenery, rolling farmlands, villages lost in time, hills crowned with castles, some of the world’s finest beers, a mild climate and its vibrant capital, Prague.

The Czech Republic comprises two areas, Bohemia in the west and Moravia in the east. Gems in Bohemia include the valleys of the Vltava and Labe rivers, hills and rocky mountains which are perfect for hiking and rambling.

Bohemia boasts a number of delightful medieval towns. A sublime example is the historic center of Cesk√Ĺ Krumlov on the banks of the Vltava river. The town features a 13th-century castle with Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque components.

Moravia is the agricultural heart of the country and is marked by picturesque farms, wooded highlands and vineyards. Brno is the largest city in South Moravia and the Czech Republic’s second largest city. It showcases the natural and artistic charms of South Moravia and offers a host of theaters cinemas, and clubs.

If you’re making your way to Prague from other parts of the country, the area surrounding the capital is well-worth seeing. Notable is the Vltava river valley which has reservoirs, and the many delightful chateaus.

Prague brief guide

Prague’s many monikers – the Golden City, the City of Hundred Spires and the Crown of the World, attest to its unique splendor. Located on the River Vltava in central Bohemia, Prague was once the seat of Kings of Bohemia and an important trading junction.

Nowadays it’s a vibrant city with a pulsating nightlife and much to see and do. Add to that an enchanting historic ambiance, a low cost of living and superb beer, and you have the recipe for a great vacation. Here are some highlights.

Carving its way through Prague is the Vltava river and many of the city’s attractions are around on near it. To experience these riverside charms, take a boat tour along the river. And be sure to take a stroll over the Charles Bridge at night and view the city with its illuminated castle.