While making your reservation on our website, you will see whether or not baggage is included.This is indicated by the following logos:
This logo means that check-in baggage is included in this fare. The amount, dimensions and weight vary per airline.
No bags included in this fare.
If you want to book (extra) checked baggage, this can be added for most airlines during the reservation process on our website. The baggage rate shown, includes our administration fee. For more information about your own reservation and adding luggage, go to My Trips.


However, there are also airlines that prevent you from booking baggage during the reservation process. With United Airlines, American Airline, Air Canada, Alitalia (links) and codeshare flights (link) from Lufthansa, for example, it is only possible to book and pay for your luggage at the airport. Do you want to book luggage afterwards?  This is also possible, unless you are flying with one of the airlines mentioned above.
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