Protect your air fare if the airline goes bankrupt!

The service must be taken out and paid for simultaneously with the online reservation. This service cannot be purchased after the online reservation.

This product protects your airfare in case of bankruptcy of the airline you are flying with.

If operations cease due to insolvency or bankruptcy of an airline before the start of your journey (first contracted leg of the journey) the guarantee will cover the total value of the purchased ticket (fare plus taxes). In the event that operations cease during the journey, the part proportional to the affected legs of your journey will be covered. Under all circumstances, you will be repaid 85% of any of these amounts, excluding administrative fees and any other additional product that was purchased in your original booking with us.

How can I request a refund due to airline bankruptcy?

If operations cease due to insolvency or bankruptcy of an airline, the person covered with the guarantee must request reimbursement for their ticket by using the customer service form in My Trips. It must be requested within 1 month from the official declaration of insolvency or bankruptcy.

This guarantee will not apply:

  • If operations cease as a result of a war or coup d’état
  • If the repayment is covered by another insurance policy or provider
  • To processing or administrative fees, insurance premiums or any amount other than the ticket fare.

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